Malayalam songs unplugged

Here is a collection of Malayalam songs sung with guitar accompaniment.

Tell me how you like it…

Here is a playlist of videos. Below that is some description and links.

1. Oru Neramenkilum Kaanathe Vayyente Devotional song which was very popular in Kerala. It is one of the most melodious malayalam songs i have ever heard. The tempo of the original song is such that within 5 seconds into listening the song ones starts relaxing and let go and be with the song. T S Radhakrishnan composed this song. Chitra and Yesudas have both sung versions.

2. Jaanaki Jaane – Dhwani Song about Raama, composed by Naushad, written by Yousuf Ali Kecheri, sung by Yesudas. In this song i have used progressions like Bm7 Bm6 E7 | Bm Bb+ A D | I love the meaning of this song too, which basically is a let go and acceptance and prayer.

3. Aadi vaa kaate – Koodevide an amazing melody by Johnson. I keep remembering actor Rahman and actress Suhasini who appear in the video of the song.

4. Thaalam maranna Son mother relation. Another beautiful, sad melody. Actor Asokan is excellent in the video.

5. Suryakireedam – devasuram Composed by M G Radhakrishan, written by Gireesh Puthanchery. Amazing melody, amazing poetry.

6. Unarumi Gaanam – Moonnam pakkam Ilayaraja, venugopal song from movie by Padmarajan. Oh his art!

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  1. george says:

    hey dz is awsime dude…can u post some more classics wich includes unnikale oru kadha parayam, aayiram kanumay,rafi kishore hitzz…n kthumbs up bro

    • Shyam Monk says:

      Thank you George. Will keep making more songs. Thanks very much for the support. Glad that you took time to listen and post your comment. :)

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