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Like some Indian music with western arrangement? Some traditional Indian singing along with the guitar? Raga, minor 7 flat 5th and some heartfelt gibberish?

1. Audio :  made on my laptop with a Motu sound card, in my bedroom. See how minimal resources can be used for very good results.

Tool kit : MOTU 828 mkII sound card, 1ghz ram 1.73 dual core laptop, Edirol PCR 300 or PC 50 midi keyboard, Rubicon R8a speakers, AKG headphone, Shure SM58 mic, RODE NTK mic

2. Video : guitar and vocals – own compositions, traditional Indian songs. Audio and video recorded with Canon powershot sx200is. No electronics and effects to cover up, no editing to make perfect.

Started playing the guitar when i was eleven – she held me. BTech degree from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). Been into random activities with definable end result or product and beauty making tactics. Now, I do more music – singing, composing, performing…

I love Ekalavya from Mahabharata, who attained superior skill in archery from self study in the presence of a clay image of master Drona whom he aspired to learn from. In this age of internet, some of us Ekalavyas have much more resources than the great Ekalvya had.

You are a very talented artist! I love the music – Dhimant Vyas
Animation Film Designer (Taare Zameen Par, Aardaman Animation Ltd U.K.)

It is very Beautiful!
And amazing how all this is done on a laptop!
Gil Alon Zen Master, Singer, Actor, Theater Director
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I write about music making at Musicianself. Have a look at the different categories – indian music, recording, guitar . . .

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With What I Had 

Starting with what i had, turned out to be rewarding as you can listen from this site.

I wanted to make music and publish, even before i started playing guitar when I was 11 years old. Around 2004, i was thinking of South Indian movie music. I needed demos to show the directors and the demo had to be the way i wanted it. Guitar and vocals recorded with a tape recorder, as i was doing till then, was not enough.

I did not have money to get recordings done in a studio, to hire keyboard programmers and other musicians. Acoustic treatment was beyond my budget. I was not familiar with arranging or sequencing.

What did i have? i had a computer, a software sequencer, got a few vst instruments, a Korg triton Le keyboard.

So i sat in my room and kept working – singing, arranging, composing, editing. With time, it was getting better – the music, arranging, programming, and the sound. Below the conscious mind, i was learning to copy good recordings by keeping a reference of how they sounded in my room and trying to mimic the frequency characteristics. With time the skills got good enough to a satisfying level and useful for myself and others around.